Perhaps Not Omeka

I’ve now stocked with images and PDFs from two games and I’m not sure if I’m satisfied with the experience.  Uploading is a little tedious, navigation is slow, and there are no options for variations on image presentation (at least using vs. a LAMP distribution).  Furthermore, given my propensity for making hi-resolution images available, I’ve already put a sizeable dent in’s free-level storage space.  I don’t have the financial flexibility to test two or three content management or digital asset management systems that are LAMP-based, nor am I impressed with to the extent that I can justify purchasing one of it’s premium upgrades.

I’m now considering abandoning for image storage and moving all images (as zip archives and bundled PDFs) to this site and using as an exhibition space for future structured exposés.

My only real objectives in presentation is quality (images plus space); relatability (object name to object name); categorization; and speed – all things WordPress can accommodate at my current level of investment.

2 responses to “Perhaps Not Omeka

  1. I think you should show low res screen images for the curious and then have high res images zipped as downloads. This would reduce your size requirements tremendously, don’t you think?

    • Definitely – which is what I’m doing now (the Omeka site has other issues beyond that). Now each game post here will have a trailing list of links to zips and PDFs (also, I added a Flickr widget).

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